Is the Dawn theme updated for Ghost v5 and support for comments?


Theme: GitHub - TryGhost/Dawn: A minimal newsletter theme for Ghost

I am unclear as to whether the Dawn theme is receiving updates. Other ghost themes appear to have a 'releases" tag where one can follow updates:

Particularly, I kindly request assistance on whether the Dawn theme supports the native Ghost comment feature that was recently lodged and if yes, how does one setup the theme to enable comments.

It looks like Dawn has the same comments support as all the other official themes. You’ll need to enable Ghost comments as documented in Adding comments to your site

Hi All,
Does anyone know if this same applies to Ghost Pro account using Dawn Theme? I activated comments through settings but it doesn’t seem update the feature in post. Anything i’m missing?


I was using the dawn theme for a bit on Ghost Pro and comments worked just fine. I’m not sure what could be wrong.

Are you on the latest version of Dawn? Casper is the only theme that auto-updates as it’s included with Ghost and so gets updated when Ghost updates. For any other theme you’ll need to re-install it to get the latest version.


Thanks Kevin. You were right; re-selecting the theme under Settings > Design updated the theme and now comments are available. Thanks a lot!