Dawn theme - post navigation isssue

I’m in the process of converting my site to Ghost Pro and using Dawn at the moment. There’s a bug (I believe) and I’m not sure other than here now to communicate that.

The arrows at the bottom of the post page for next/previous post do not work when you have more than 1 post on the same day. Every single instance of that in my blog the next/previous just gets stuck in a loop within that set of posts on that date.

My site is not public yet so I can’t share examples but if no one can repro it I will see what I can do closer to when I’m ready to go live.

In case this helps anyone else: I changed my theme to troubleshoot and realized that it is not a theme issue because it happened on the new theme too.

The specific issue is the “newer post” navigation loops if you have more than one post with the same publish date AND time. In all of my cases, the posts on the same day have the same date and time, but when I change the time on one, the navigation works fine.

The strange thing is this is only an issue on the “newer post” navigation, the “previous post” navigation does not get stuck so there might be a core code difference in that navigation flow behind the scenes.