Casper 3.0 translate question

I am making casper translate ready, i can’t figure out how to make this piece of text translate friendly

<h1 class="subscribe-overlay-title">Subscribe to {{@site.title}}</h1>

Translate version
<h1 class="subscribe-overlay-title">{{t "Subscribe to {{@site.title}}"}}</h1>

The one below keep giving me error 500.

Please advice :slight_smile:

Try this:

{{t "Subscribe to {siteTitle}" siteTitle=@site.title}}

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The code worked, but the translation is not working that’s the only thing missing for translating casper 3.0

"Subscribe to {@site.title}": "Suscríbete a {@site.title}",

Anyway thanks for your help :slight_smile:

So you need to create a translation file locales/es.json

   "Subscribe to {siteTitle}": "Suscríbete a {siteTitle}"

and then set the language from the Ghost admin (Publication Language) as es if you are using Spanish.

More info at


Thank you so much for taking your time, this is what i did. I already got all the theme translate except that part. I tried the one you suggested but not working for me.

May be you need to restart Ghost. Make sure to follow the docs steps.

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I already did multiple times, i going to keep trying. Thank you again

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Nevermind you were right thanks :slight_smile:

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