Casper Featured Image Recommended Size?

Hi all,

What is the recommended featured image size?

Tried to find a simple answer to this and cant.
Many of my images look great before uploading them but then once the featured image function gets a gold of them they expand and look not so good.

Generally, images over 2000 px wide work best.

Can you share a link where one of the images is displaying differently than expected?

Hello same problem!

The image expands when published and differs significantly from the actual quality and size

Can you give more context? Or share a link?

The image you shared here looks distorted :thinking:

This is the problem that when the photo is published, it is distorted. When creating a post, everything is fine and the photo is of high quality and is not distorted. And when published, it begins to distort

Did you post the original image? Are you able to share a link to the post?

If I add a picture through the image tool, it gets distorted. If I add through the gallery tool, the picture is not distorted. I do not understand what the problem is.

Your theme is missing some CSS. (This happens because of how Ghost handles images in v4.0)

You can add the following to Code Injection -> Site Header

.kg-image-card img {
  height: auto;

Thanks a lot for your help :handshake:

No, I cant as I dont have an expectation.
To clarify my question: what is the recommended file type, and px aspect ratio, height and width please?

Casper is flexible with the featured image by design. Ghost also produces optimized and resized images for different viewports. For most cases, using an image that is at least 2000 px wide will do the trick, and you’ll want to use the image format that delivers the best quality at the lowest number of pixels for that image (but Ghost will optimize the image as well).

TL;DR: Use at least a 2000 px wide image and Ghost will handle the details for you.

Hmm…I found length can be an issue.
Look at my home page posts, this was me playing around.

That first Bitcoin image is 2240 x 1460. Makes a huge difference. I took those settings from Canva’s recommended blog header image settings and they seem to work great for anyone interested.