Recommended image size in post feature image

Hi there!

I’m using casper and I have some troubles when displaying the images, since it has three ways to show images in the post, the resizing causes an undesirable wrap as show below:

I’d like to know what is the recommended size to display the images correctly no matter the position.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

@pabloc that’s not due to image sizes, it’s Casper’s design. Different image sizing won’t change it, you’ll need to edit the theme to change how the index pages are laid out

thanks Kevin!

Thanks I was looking for that. I did change the theme and worked just fine. I wanted to add a picture of an old car as a theme and one of my first challenges was to find a program or app that can help me do that. I don’t like Photoshop much since it’s really heavy for my computer to have it when I need it in just a few occasions. I asked a friend of mine who has photography as a hobby and he told me that he usually uses an app to colorize photo on his phone. After giving it a try I even started playing around with some black and white photos of my family’s album.