Casper: How to move text up into main image?

I couldn’t find any existing forum posts on exactly this question – really hoping someone can either direct me to the right post, or provide a quick answer:

I just upgraded to Ghost 4.0 using Casper. Previously, my post text would start higher on the page, floating over the main post image. For exmaple, on this post: Is Y Combinator worth it? the text would start about here:

But now, with this upgrade to 4.0, it’s not doing that anymore. How do I get that back?

Hey @drodio,

Rather than using the built-in (and thus perpetually updated) version of Casper you could upload your own copy of it, specificially a version prior to the new look you mention. You can see Casper’s releases here, and I’m guessing that version 3.1.2 would be the latest before the change you mention (but don’t quote me on that).

If you follow this route you of course won’t get any of the new updates added to Casper either, unless you edit the new theme yourself to incorporate that floating text look.

Thanks @Stromfeldt – i guess I’m wondering if it’s possible to use the code injection section to modify the post so I don’t have to maintain my own theme!

I was thinking that myself after I replied to you. Yes, you could possibly add some negative margin-top to .post-content p, but then you’ll have padding issues. You could adjust that, but then you’ll come into responsive issues. Essentially knock on effects that create a can of worms.

Perhaps you can take a look at the differences between 3.1.2 and 4.0 and see if you can somehow extract/duplicate what you’re after.