Casper theme post image

Hello forum

How can i resize posts images because when you open the post their size is so big that distracts the reader

Hey there :wave: You can change the size of the main image in Casper with a bit of CSS in the Code Injection option within the admin:

.post-full-image img {
   max-height: 50vh;

Have a play with the number and see what suits you best.

Just to check though, are you referring to the image in the admin view? The screenshot attached suggests you are. This can be edited if you have a custom install of Ghost but it might be better to keep it that height just so people can fully see what image has been uploaded to the post :smile:

I mean the one on the post page its very big

Oh right I see! Well that bit of code I posted before should adjust it for you. You can add it to the Code Injection view in the Ghost admin, like this: