Casper theme displays 1 "read more" article in a block instead of 3

Casper theme displays 1 “read more” article in a block instead of 3. At the bottom of the article page there is a block with suggested posts. There are 3 by default and they are displayed correctly on desktop. However, on mobile and tablet it’s 1 or 2 articles. Even though I can see 3 articles in web inspector (image below), but only one is shown.

Does anyone know how to fix it and display all 3 articles on any resolution?

By searching for read-more in the CSS for Casper, it appears that some posts are hidden based on the width:

So by customizing the theme or using the Code Injection feature, you can adapt that logic as you wish.

It could be as simple as deleting some of those CSS media query blocks that apply to smaller widths. I haven’t tested this.

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