Casper theme - "latest posts" is referencing wrong url


I am using the Casper theme and @site.url is appending port 80 to the url causing an error. An example is the “latest posts” from the footer. It is linking to which is not valid. I am having a hard time figuring out how to prevent this from occurring. I would like it to reference the url without specifying a port. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Hey @SheanLV :wave:

Can you check the url in your ghost config (ghost config get url)? That’s what Ghost uses for the site url

Hi @vikaspotluri123

Thank you for the quick reply. I am using a bitnami managed install of ghost. The output of ghost config get url is

Any idea how to change this?

yep, just use set instead of get :wink:

ghost config set url

Then don’t forget to restart Ghost:

ghost restart


Thank you! That resolved it. Too easy!

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