Change Free Public Preview text

Hello! I’d like to change the text on my site that non-subscribers see when I’ve made a post subscriber-only. The text always reads: “This post is for paying subscribers only.” I’d like to change it to “This post is for subscribers only,” but I can’t figure out how. I’ve searched the Forum here but can’t seem to find a solution.

Here’s an example of a post on my site with the text I’d like to change:

Any ideas? Thank you!

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In the folder partials of your theme, create a new file called content-cta.hbs, which will replace the default CTA. Styles require some code, however.

Learn more: Ghost Theme Development: Building custom membership flows

The reference code is

<aside class="gh-post-upgrade-cta">
    <div class="gh-post-upgrade-cta-content" style="background-color: {{accentColor}}">
        {{#has visibility="paid"}}
            <h2>This post is for paying subscribers only</h2>
        {{#has visibility="members"}}
            <h2>This post is for subscribers only</h2>
        {{#has visibility="tiers"}}
            <h2>This post is for subscribers on the {{tiers}} only </h2>
        {{#if @member}}
            <a class="gh-btn" data-portal="account/plans" style="color:{{accentColor}}">Upgrade your account</a>
            <a class="gh-btn" data-portal="signup" style="color:{{accentColor}}">Subscribe now</a>
            <p><small>Already have an account? <a data-portal="signin">Sign in</a></small></p>