Change text for Subscriber posts only?

Ok, so I am like fumbling in the dark with my Ghost site. Nothing has gone to plan and I hade decided to give everything up and quit. Someone made me think twice about this and I will give it another year… But, can one change the This post is for subscribers only text if on a higher proplan than the lowest or one is selfhosting. I believe the text should be altered into the rest of this post or something so it is clear it continues. I tried a text snippet in front of it but all members also see that. If one place ones own subscribe now members won’t see it but it will be double. Any one following this rant and able to give me some advise?

Hi there! It’s certainly possible to customize this text, but it does require some theme alteration.

The docs for how to do that are here: Ghost Theme Development: Building custom membership flows

If this is something you’re interested in trying, tell us a bit more about how’d you like it to look.