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Hello there,

How could I change the “This post is for paid subscribers only” in posts for “This section is for paid subscribers only” using some Css code on theme Source?

I mean, is there a place I can change it inside the theme code and where is it, since I can’t find it?

Thanks in advance!

If you can edit the theme, you need a partial to replace the default. See the part on CTA here:

If you can’t edit the theme, you could use some .js in code injection to re-write it.

I can’t find any content-cta.hbs like that in my Source theme’s code… in fact there’s no content-cta.hbs
could I just copy and paste it to somewhere inside the partials/components/cta.hbs?
Or in case of using the code injection strategy, is it ok to just copy and paste that content-cta.hbs code into the header section?

I just want to change the word post for section. Shouldn’t be much of a trouble… :frowning:

See the directions in the link. You should put the content-cta.hbs in /partials.