Change title and logos doesn't work

I’ve installed Ghost recently using the docker image. It is available from internet.
I’m using kubernetes and dockers.

I’m lost because this problem:
When i change the title from settings > general it’s save but after he shows ever ‘Ghost’, see images below:
changing title and save
after changing, return Ghost.

This happen also for the logos under settings > design
first i deleted the logo and pressed save
after i reloaded the page it shows the logo…

If i check on the db, the values like ‘title’ are correct with the latest Save command but he shows ‘Ghost’ int title after saving and after refresh…

this is not happening if i use ghost in local with the default installation of ghost local.

What should I check?

in the setting > general, when i refresh, sometimes, happen that values are the default and sometimes it shows the new

I found the problem. It was the replicas of kubernetes configuration. I set this to 2 replicas instead of 1. Then the replicas had different data… i don’t know why, anyone can explain?

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