Updating theme only affect one node of my docker nodes

Issue Summary

My blog is deploying using docker in 2 nodes and they share the same volume mounted on “/var/lib/ghost/content”.

I upgraded my ghost blog from 2.x to 3.1.0 today and found out that it only affects one node when I delete or active a theme from “Settings/Design/Installed Themes” which causes two nodes have different active themes.

It’s wired and never happened in version 2.x.

It seems themes list and activation status are saved out of “/var/lib/ghost/content”.

Am I missing something when upgrade from 2.x or is this a bug of version 3.x?

Technical details:

  • Ghost Version: 3.1.0
  • Browser/OS: Chrome, Ghost desktop app

Hey @HADB :wave:

You’ve just gotten lucky for the 2.x versions of Ghost; Ghost has never supported clustering:

Got it, thanks!