Changed URL but SSL still using old URL


Hi All,

I have had Ghost running for a while with SSL configured on a domain. I changed the domain today and then reran the ghost setup SSL and it keeps telling me that a SSL setup already exists. If I browse to the site using the new domain it gives me a certificate error as it is still using the old certificate for the old domain. How do I force Ghost and LetsEncrypt to generate a new SSL with the new domain?

So far I have done the following:
Ghost setup url
ghost setup SSL
ghost restart

The new domain is being used fine, just can’t get a new certificate, have even tried deleting the letsencrypt folder and no joy.

I have ghost and the ghost-cli on the latest version, I am also testing in incognito mode as well for now to avoid any browser plugin and cache issues.


The steps for changing a url are here:

If you ran ghost setup url <url> rather than ghost config url <url>, I’m not sure that you actually change the domain for the site correctly?

If you retry these steps and still have difficulty, Ghost-CLI wraps which you can call directly. There are some details in the knowledge base here:

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