Fixing SSL and Security issues

I have installed Ghost through CLI tool, without issues.
I bought a domain and ssl, but I’m unable to make it work, ghost is pointing to https but it gives me error on browser saying certificate isn’t valid.

I also tried some website checks (for example Sucuri SiteCheck - Free Website Security Check & Malware Scanner) and it recommends me:

TLS Recommendations

TLS Recommendation
No redirect from HTTP to HTTPS found. You should [redirect your website visitors to the HTTPS version

Also some fixing related to security website headers.

After running website test it says that my versions of angular, jquery, buefy and lodash are vulnerable, but I don’t really know how to update them.

If you aren’t running the latest version of Ghost, the first thing we will ask you to do is update to the latest version of Ghost.


  • How was Ghost installed and configured? Through Ghost-cli
  • What Node version, database, OS & browser are you using? Not sure

Thanks for everything!

You installed Ghost, and then bought a domain, in that order?

Because you would have needed to access the DNS and have an A record pointing your domain name to your server’s IP address, and to have these DNS records updated and propagated fully prior to installing Ghost and setting up an SSL certificate properly.

If you purchased your domain after installing Ghost, that could be the cause of your issue.

Thanks for the answer! Correct, I installed ghost then bought the domain.

What should I do to fix it?

Nuke it. Set up your DNS and wait for the A record to propagate then redo the Ghost installation process.

I don’t know which webhost you are using, but if you are using DigitalOcean, there is an official “1-Click” Ghost app on their marketplace that makes installation a breeze.

Can I save anything? I mean, I created some articles and did all the web, isn’t there a way to keep this?

Okay, I assumed you’d only just started when I suggested the nuke it from space option :joy:

But you can export your content (articles) via the Ghost admin dashboard and then reimport it into a fresh installation. You can also save any code you’ve added in the “code injection” section and download your theme (if you’ve made any changes to the template files) and then reinstall your modified theme on the new website.

You can keep the one you have if you like, but you’ll need to find a way to fix the SSL/certificate issues that arose because the installation was done (or attempted) prior to configuring the A record for your domain.

Thanks again, I will try doing backups of everything you said and will post with updates after reinstalling!

You’re very welcome, and please consider marking my initial response as a solution to your issue so that others can see that it has been resolved.

I know some time passed but I finally got the solution for the problem, I don’t know why but my domain provider didn’t had HTTPS properly set so I changed to another and now everything works perfect.