Changing icon on website tab with Gatsby

Currently using Ghost pro as a headless CMS for my gatsby website. I was wondering how can I change the icon in the website tab to my own logo instead of the default ghost one? I’ve tried replacing some images in my website folder and changing some settings on the ghost CMS but it doesn’t seem to be working. Any ideas?

Here’s an image of where the icon is I’m trying to change:

Have you tried replacing the image in `/src/images/? Here’s the link to it in the starter repo:

@santan.goat If you change the publication logo in the admin interface of your Ghost CMS, it should also change the logo in your Gatsby site as it is sourced in via content API. The solution suggested by @DavidDarnes only works, if you delete the publication logo in the Ghost CMS prior to building your site with Gatsby. If a logo is provided in the CMS it always takes precedence (including the logo initially provided when you first install Ghost).

If it sill doesn’t work, please post the result of the following GraphQL query

query MyQuery {
  allGhostSettings {
    edges {
      node {

This is a good starting point for further investigation.

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