Changing language for subscription email

Hi, I know that Ghost support localization and it’s awesome! My blog is 95% in French now. The only thing missing is the email a user receives when he is subscribing to the blog? Where we find the file to edit and change to another language? In the core files? thanks

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I am also looking very much forward to be able to translate and personalize these emails. Is it already possible? Or maybe something that is coming in the future? Hope that one of the staff have time to respond!

Hello all,

After checked, even if i’m wrong, at this moment it’s only possible to change the subscription email’s language by modifying somes core files below:


However, I do not recommend that you do this because any changes will have to be made again each time you update your Ghost instance.

Thanks for pointing out but Ghost supporting other language is pointless if the email for subscription can’t be translated. For the moment no choice of changing the core files 99% of my site is now translated only the connection email.

Memberships and subscriptions are a clearly labelled beta feature which do not yet support localisation, but we appreciate the feedback that this is something you’d like to see in future.


OMG You’re right John, sorry sometime we get so excited about using Ghost hahaha.
I may have found a bug in the membership mechanism where I report it?
When I try to delete a registered user I’m getting the message: Resource not found error, cannot delete member. Resource could not be found.


It’s working great (for the moment). Please note that you also need to edit the file current/core/server/services/members/api.js the subject of the emails are in that js file.

Now all my Ghost site is in French!

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Hello :smile:

But if a page is focused on only one language. then you would also have to make changes here

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