Email Template Customization

Congratulations on the work you are doing with Ghost.

I didn’t find anything in the documentation about email customization.
Is there a way to personalize the email that comes after the login / registration / payment process?

Currently the same email and the same text always arrive.


Not yet! It’s something we’re thinking about though - feel free to add to the ideas topic - this gives us an idea of what features are most important to you :hugs:

Hi, sorry for the slow reply.
I don’t look for anything too complicated I think
I would like the possibility of being able to change the text of the email and therefore also to translate it in the case of registration, login and payment.
I believe that you are already considering this possibility :slight_smile:

Hi all !

First, I’d like to thank the Ghost team for the amazing work !
A part from editing an email template, is it possible to translate it ? My subscribers are not english native speaker (nor I am) so translating emails would be convenient :slight_smile:

I am looking for any live site that is employing a custom mail template for proof of concept so that I can be confident in developing my own unique changes to said template- the specification of which requires self-hosting capabilities but may undo the damage of a standard template toward a customization standard. Before I do this I would like to see one active site employing a custom mail template.