Portal translations

Hi good Ghost people,

The new Portal feature looks excellent ā€” very clean and hopefully a great addition to get more members on board and to simplify the sign up process.

However, I do miss the possibility of translating all the English words in the form to my users native language. Which files do I need to edit to accomplish this?

Also, every time I update Ghost, I have to translate signin.js, signup.js and subscribe.js etc. to get the email sign up and log in flow to work in my native tongue. I hope you have this is mind for a future update, which would make Ghost a super solution for many more people around the world, that need to localize their website.

Keep up the good work!


Congratulations indeed for this new feature, Iā€™m also interested in translation

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The feature turned out really nice. Translations would be even cooler, can we help contribute?