Changing the automaticatally generated Canonical URL


I got a Cloudflare running to reverse proxy my ghost blog. And this question is a direct consequence of that. These are my websites.


So if someone visited link (2), it would show them content of website (1) – i.e. My Ghost blog.

Everything seems to work fine, except the canonical link.

Now for any post on (1), I would like the Canonical URL to point to (2) automatically. Because I want all SEO to benefit the main .com, i.e. site (1)

But, the Canonical URL always points to (1), because that is where Ghost is running.

Is there a way to change this?


If your main blog URL is, you must configure your Ghost Blog URL to be You have the option for choosing a custom admin domain if needed.

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Done & Working! :slight_smile:

Thanks @vikaspotluri123