"Choose a Plan" broken dialog when no paid plans are configured

Issue Summary

When no paid plans are set up and Stripe is not connected, members are still shown Upgrade buttons. (Bug 1) When a member clicks the button, a broken dialog is displayed (Bug 2).

What I expect to happen is, no upgrade buttons should be visible. None of the upgrade funnel should be shown.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a new site, don’t connect Stripe.
  2. Sign in as a member.
  3. Observe that Upgrade buttons and web copy are visible. Click the button.

Setup information

Ghost Version
Ghost (Pro)

Theme: Journal. Casper does not have this problem.

See also: This other user reported the same problem: How to remove the "Upgrade To Paid Account" prompt in portal?

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I submitted this as a GitHub Issue: Broken / wrong links when no paid plan is configured · Issue #154 · TryGhost/Themes · GitHub

I had a similar question, and was able to make it work with some JavaScript code.

If anyone is facing the same problem, please see my post with the solution here: How to hide the broken dialog when no plans are configured

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