How to remove the "Upgrade To Paid Account" prompt in portal?

I don’t have a paid plan on my blog and don’t want to show users the
“Ready for unlimited access? Upgrade to a paid account to get full access” prompt when someone is signed into portal. How do I remove it?

Attached photo for reference


I came here to ask the same thing. Seems like a genuine bug. When a member clicks the Upgrade button, they get an empty/broken dialog.

FYI, I created this bug report: "Choose a Plan" broken dialog when no paid plans are configured

But try a different theme. I have the problem with Journal, but not with Casper.

I had a similar question, and was able to make it work with some JavaScript code.

If anyone is facing the same problem, please see my post with the solution here: How to hide the broken dialog when no plans are configured