Choosing who should read authors' articles

Hello, I would like to tell you my ideas about a few options that I think will be useful for ghost.

Authors’ topics choosing who to read
Hello, when the person you specify as the author adds the article, it would be useful to have the option to choose who will read the articles. When the author adds the article, it will be helpful if he chooses that the article he adds is read only by paid users.

Adding Like option in added articles
Adding the option to Like the article that an author has added would be very good. When the reader reads the article, he liked the article and there will be a situation that he liked the article. Adding a like button to the article and showing how many likes it received in the article is an option that I think will be useful for ghost.

Add to bookmarks option
It would be good to add the option of bookmarks in the added articles, so users bookmark the articles they like and it will be quick to reach them. It would be nice if the articles that the user bookmarked appear in the user account. it would be helpful to have this option.

These are the ones that come to my mind right now, I will continue to add them here as I think of them. Thank you very much to all the ghost team.

This is already an option.

There’s already a topic in #ideas

This is possible, and dependent on the theme. @brightthemes certainly have this feature.

Incidently, it makes sense to have one idea / vote per suggestion, and to check if someone has already put forward a feature request.


I opened an author account and I couldn’t see such an option in the author account, so I wanted to open it.