Clear Cache automatically

I am using the latest version of ghost, my first installation but so far so good everything was working perfect.
My problem is that the .cache/yarn folder is growing without control.

I read the forums and found that executing

yarn cache clean

should clear that, but it seems I do not have yarn installed on my system and ghostcli installation did not require it.
So, is there any ghost cli command to clear the cache?
Is it possible to schedule a cache clean that runs temporary so this increase cache does not happens again?
I am not sure why this is happening as the site should not have any traffic right now (demo page with no traffic).


The yarn cache folder can be removed. It’s used as a staging location for getting Ghost’s dependencies. You can trigger a cache removal by running ghost buster. The only time the cache size should change is when you’re installing a new version of Ghost, but it generally shouldn’t dramatically change.

I did not see that command on the help.
Thank you.
Yeah, I suppose this should be the case, as I am using this install for testing, there could be other reasons for that to happen. I wanted to clear it so I can monitor it from the beginning just in case.

Thanks again!

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