CLS issue on my blog


I’m on a Ghost Pro hosting and my theme is Source.

Search Console says I have a CLS problem on 149 of my pages.

My articles only contain text + images, nothing is moving, so I don’t know where the problem could come from.

I’ve recently turned off the subscribe button but I don’t know if it can be the cause of the CLS problem.

Ghost support said I have to edit my theme, but I don’t know how to do it (I’m not a coder), I am not on a creator plan and I thought the Source theme was complete and well suited for SEO.

Could you help me please?

Thanks a lot :grinning:

Much of this can be accomplished in the starter plan with code injection.

Don’t wait a month for Google to come back and tell you if it’s better. Use to test changes immediately. :)

I noticed a slight improvement in CLS after disabling the subscribe button but it is still in the orange bar and not green on Page Speed Insight.

I am ok to fix it with code injection, but how can I find which elements are causing problems?

My websiste is

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

It looks great for CLS now on the homepage. Can you give an example of a page currently in orange? Be sure to look at current stats not the last month summary, since you want to know if you’re making it better.

All pages (homepage too) are still in orange on desktop in Page Speed Insight (see attached screenshot).

On mobile, it’s great but not so cool on desktop :saluting_face:


That’s your historical data. Scroll down. :)

Oh it’s 0.003 !

Cool, thank you very much ! :blush:

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Right. So it looks like based on the Pagespeed numbers that your recent changes have fixed things. Now you wait a month to see if your ‘core web vitals’ numbers drop to match. Core web vitals come from actual user data, so you won’t necessarily get the exact same numbers, but hopefully it won’t be very much worse, either. [You can tell Google you’ve fixed it and to validate it, but it’ll still be a month.]

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Finalement my CLS is not fixed.

Its is fixed only on the homepage, but not in the posts, where I have an awful CLS of 0,41 :sleepy:


Is that with auto ads? What happens if you turn them off or disallow from the top of the page?

It’s a little bit better now without the Ads on the top of the page but still orange.

Page Speed Insight also say that my images have no width and height.

I thought Ghost automatically give a width and a height for each images? :thinking:

Edit : I totally disabled Adsense on my blog and now, the CLS is green. That’s ridiculous : Google want you to put ads on your blog, but when you do it, you get a bad CLS :thinking:

Hello @Cathy_Sarisky ,

You’ll laugh, but now it’s the CLS on mobile that has become problematic.

However, I don’t understand because I have completely deactivated Adsense ads…