The 'announcement' bar is evil: A blog post

Heads up to folks watching Google results. I’m seeing the announcement bar contribute 100ms or so to cumulative layout shift on mobile, which is enough to cause Google Search Console to declare a bad page experience on Ghost.

If you have new GSC errors about mobile and have recently added an announcement, turning off the announcements might be a good first attempt to solve the problem.

(No, no solution yet. Still thinking about it, but I suspect the answer is to not run the announcements code until fixed… )


Mmm, CLS not good. Yes yes yes. Thanks for the heads up. I also had problems with CLS in the past, but it was because the TOC (following the official tutorial). Had to customize it by myself, SEO is definitely not the priority in the Ghost world.

The other day I was thinking when expressions like it happens on Yoast SEO like %%title%% %%sep%% %%currentmonth%% %%currentyear%% will even appear on Ghost. 2024 is approaching and I have to update the date on all the articles soon, one by one :sneezing_face:


Update: I wrote a blog post about it.

Actually, I don’t think the announcement bar is evil. Just a little Friday night hyperbole. But I’m not turning it on either…


side note, your mascot is really cute!

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