Co-author role: edit only

I’m using ghost and I like it a lot… however, I’d like to have one more feature: where one can invite other users to work together on very specific posts. One way to achieve this may be: add the user to your team, with the role of ‘co-author’. This co-author can:

  1. edit his/her profile (of course)
  2. editing posts where he/she is co-author. No creation of new posts, tags, … . The main author (owner of the post?) would be in control of everything, the co-author can just help editing the post (nothing more). There’s even no necessity that the co-author can see any other post.

Would be soooo cool. Thx!

The contributor role sounds like what you’re looking for.

A contributor can create new posts, but edit own posts, according to the table. What I’m looking for is the opposite: no creation of posts, but editing posts (for which they are co-author)…

Hey @Kurt_Sys

Seeing the contributor role is not what you’re looking for and the one you’re describing is not possible atm, I categorised your topic as idea so people can vote on it!

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