Permissions Per Tag

I’ve seen lots of conversation of late that Ghost is geared towards Professional publishers. As such, it would be nice to have a bit more control on who can do what.

The current roles ghost has are likely sufficient for what I have in mind though custom roles would be nice. What I’m looking for specifically is the ability to have a user authorized to ALL Or a set of tags.

For example: Tag: Podcast has all the content related to an active podcast i’m working on. Tag: Community Events has information about upcoming events and such.

The people that need permission to contribute/publish to the tag ‘podcast’ are a completely different group. It would be nice to able to say:

User Bob is an Editor on Tags: {}
User Joe is a Contributor on ALL Tags.

Would anyone else have a need for such a feature? IF this is already doable by some workaround that’s great. I’d love to know how, failing that… I would love to have this feature added in.