Collections vs. channels vs. categories

Hello! My website is Now I want to create a separate page that will look like this: EV3 - a collection of projects where each belongs to some predefined categories. I also want, if possible, for readers to be able to filter these categories.

Is it possible to do that on Ghost and, if yes, how? Thank you in advance!

Still no answer here? Can someone please help me?

Hi there!

There are two ways to achieve the sort of dropdown data you want to add to your site.

  1. The no-code way would be to use something Airtable and embed it on a page on your site.

  2. The code way would be to use a client JS library to provide filtering. This will likely require adding some code to your theme.

While collections and channels might be beneficial here, they aren’t a solution altogether.

Hey @RyanF

Thank you for your reply! I think I am going to try out the Airtable option. Should I use Airtable through Zapier? And can you refer me to some thread if that has been done by a community member here?

Thank you in advance!

To get up and going, I’d try first just with Airtable. What’s the dataset you’re using?

There is no dataset yet, I will have to create it from scratch. Thanks Ryan ;)

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Great. After you have data, you can use the HTML card to embed the table in Ghost.

Here’s an example in a test post. It’s just some random: Airtable test