Ability to create custom content type

Hey, was wondering if there was a way to add custom relationships to posts. Perhaps a custom content type like a list? Thanks!

Hey @jackhedaya :wave:
Sounds like you’re looking for Collections, which allow you to create custom content collections based on the tags applied. More info can be found here in our docs:

If you need any more info just ask!


Awesome, thanks a million! Is there a way to filter by collection on the client side? On my home page I’d like to have two post lists, one my client’s data and one my client’s blog.

Thanks in advance! I’ll be sure to go through the docs one more time and if I find anything to help I’ll update here for future devs.

Just to clarify, do you mean “client facing” or “browser client”? :blush:

Ahh meant browser client. Really, thank you for your patience.

Ah well if it’s filtering Ghost content on the client you’ll want to use the Ghost Content API with JavaScript:

This gives you access to all your content using standard JavaScript where you can filter and format it to your needs :zap:

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Got it, thank you!

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