Coming Soon ReVisited

Hi all,

Looking to set up a ghost site for a friend, but would first want a coming soon page. I did some checking and the only thing I could find was "Coming Soon" page + private blogging is this still the ‘best’ way?

I’m not sure if those directions for Ghost 2.x are going to work on 5.x for changing the URL without any modification, but private.hbs is still available according to the current documentation, so you should be able to get a page up if you decide you want to.

Some domain registrars offer a free ‘coming soon’ page option with your domain. Depending on where the site is registered, it might make sense to go that route, if you need a landing page. Get the Ghost site all polished up on a temporary URL, then point the right URL at it.

As an alternative how easy is it for me to change the URL that the Ghost install expects to be?
Ie start it off as and then when its done change it to ?

Not hard. :) If you’re on Ghost pro, you just update the domain setting in the admin panel. If you’re self-hosting, you’ll run that part of ghost setup again on the command line.

If you’re building content, be sure that you’re using relative URLs to make that move smooth. (For example, set your buttons to link to /contact/, not )

Since I’m self hosted, I assume I would also need to edit the nginx config to show the alternative directory when someone visits the site?