Comments/Disqus Integration on Ghost Pro Install

Hi all! I was wondering if there was a way to enable Disqus in a Ghost Pro installation since there’s no way to reach my code like in my self-hosted install (to set up post.hbs). My install is running the latest 2.12.0.


@BinaryDigit you have pretty much the same access to your theme code (post.hbs, etc) as a self-hosted install. If you go to the “Design” screen in the admin you can download and upload themes, if you download the default casper theme then you can make changes to it and re-upload under a new name :) (casper as a theme name is reserved so you can always fall back to the default theme).

Docs for general theme development:

Docs specific to modifying Casper (themes can have their own build pipelines for CSS/JS assets or generating zip files):

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Oh well, now don’t I feel dumb for not even thinking about doing that :joy: HAH! Thanks very much! I’ll give it a shot :grimacing:

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