Please advise how to download Casper theme in order to insert disqus

I saw in some tutorials on disqus / ghost that I need to download the Casper theme to insert the Disque comment code for Disqus.

I cannot (such a newby am I) find where I can download Casper in order to modify it with disqus.

Where is it?

Many thanks.

If you’re using the Ghost PRO (hosted version), you can download and upload the theme as follows:

  1. Go to Settings > Design > Change Theme
  2. Open the Advanced dropdown
  3. Click the three dots (…) next to your theme name and click Download
  4. After you make the changes, zip them up and upload the zip file by clicking the Upload theme button on the same page.

That said, Ghost now supports native comments, so you might not need to use Disqus.

Hope it helps.

@software_writer is right on! We also have a tutorial on how to download a theme: