Comments In Content/Admin API

I know comments have been available in Ghost since 2022, but I was curious if they were available through the Content or Admin APIs? The docs make no mention of Comment API endpoints aside from posts having a ‘Comment ID’ in the API response.

I have two websites I maintain, one using native self hosted Ghost platform which is brilliant, but the other site has eCommerce and a few other features that don’t mesh well with the native Ghost platform and I’m running Ghost headless there. I’ve built my own comment and post reaction functionality for the headless website, but if I could house more within the CMS and not have to maintain separate functionality that would be peachy.

Ex: Using content API to retrieve comments on a post, Admin API to create/edit comments, etc…

Retrieving comments is part of the members API:


And you can query just like the post API (e.g filter on post id, or order by published at)