Comments webhook or other integration?

I just set up a self-hosted Ghost instance and I’ve got native comments enabled. My site editors would really like to get notified via Slack when someone writes a comment.

I’ve looked into Zapier integration but there is no event type for comment posted. I looked into a custom webook, again, no event type for comment posted. Looking into the Content API docs I see no endpoint explicitly for comments. Posts have a comment_id field but there’s no documentation about what that is or how to use it. Similarly, I did some searching through these forums and I don’t see anything related to this

Am I just stuck up a creek here? Has anyone else been able to do API or webhook integration specifically with comments? Am I missing some documentation?

I’m not aware of a webhook, but there is an email notification option. So you could run some automation based on receipt of that email…

That may work for a single-author instance but in my case we have multiple authors and email notifications only go to the post’s author.

Seconded. A “New Comment” Webhook would be incredibly useful!