Comments moderation from Admin Dashboard

It’s great that Ghost has a comments feature. However what’s not great is having to go to each page to moderate said comments. In some countries, like in Australia - publishers are directly responsible for everything published on your website - even by commenters. You can get in significant trouble if you don’t moderate the comments published to your site. However, while you can do this on a page by page basis, as your site grows, it’s going to be incredibly difficult to moderate comments by visiting every article. It would be amazing to have a location in the admin dashboard where comments could be moderated on bulk, or where comments can be reviewed before being published.

Yes, it would be good to manage the comments from the admin panel, I agree, you need to look and search for individual articles on large sites, but if there is an option to control the comments from the management panel and the search for comments section is added there, it will be faster to reach when searching, it will be better in terms of usage.

I can’t imagine having to moderate a site with hundreds of pages of content. It’s great to be able to moderate on the page if you happen to be on the page and see a comment that needs removing. But there’s definitely a need to have one central location for moderating comments, or for reviewing flagged comments.