Company membership with multiple users

Hi, I am looking for a new CMS and considering Ghost amongst others. The membership feature in v3 looks interesting, but questioning if it can work in a B2B environment where a company is the customer and pays membership (usually maintained via backend admin panel), then a fixed number of employees of that company can access content behind a gateway.
The CMS needs to have a great editor allowing us to build thousands of content rich articles that sit behind a paywall. This is not a blog, just articles, no comments etc.
In addition there needs to be a faceted search for employee to find an article of interest, I am thinking elastic search for this. I came to conclusion to make this work I will need to use headless CMS and build in the functionality like search and user management into the front end application, hopefully JAMstack (gatsby, next, nuxt)
Any thoughts on my objective would be really appreciated.