Comping a large group at once?


I am trying to figure out if it’s possible to do what I want here, and if not, what I might be able to do instead!

I’m a full-time author with a list of about 18k fans. I’d like to use Ghost to build a Patreon-like base of operations with two tiers. Free subscribers would get some content, paid would get that plus additional content each week.

What I’m running into trouble with though is I can’t figure out how to give the 18k people a free trial of the paid tier. I’d like to do that. But the only ways I can see are to a) manually do it for each person individually, 18,000 times or b) give them a link and hope they click it. ;)

Neither of these solutions is optimal. Is there a way to batch the comp, so I can give the entire group the comped month at the same time?

If not, my backup plan is to put up the books which will be free and paid, but all listed as available to free, and basically JUST have a free tier for the first month, then move the paid portion of the material to paid only.

But I’d really rather do it by just gifting all of them at once. ;)

Thanks for any thoughts!

Welcome to Ghost, @Kevin_McLaughlin !

There’s an import functionality that lets you give users a complimentary subscription, but it gives them a forever complimentary subscription.

However, the API supports setting a complimentary subscription to a variable period. So if you like writing code, you could write a script that reads a list of your fans and gives them a month complimentary plan. If you don’t like writing code, this is a pretty small job and it shouldn’t be hard to find a Ghost Expert willing to take it on. (Ghost Experts).

Carefully avoiding any self-promotion here. ;)

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Thanks, Cathy! :slight_smile:

Sounds like a job I’ll want to hire for. I’ve got light coding experience, but it’s more of a “enough to be dangerous (to myself)” than anything else. The fact that I know it’s possible is enough to set me in the right direction!

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