Hi! I want to edit the config.production.json file to setup mail but how can I get to this file on a selfhosted instance from DigitalOcean (installed with 1-click).


Hey @MaikelVE , welcome to Ghost and DigitalOcean :slight_smile:

To edit the production file you can either edit it by typing in the full path or navigate to the path and then edit it.

  1. Navigate to the ghost installation folder: “cd /var/www/ghost”
  2. Then, just to make sure, list the folder contents: “ls”
  3. You should see the following:
  4. To edit the file type in: "sudo nano config.production.json

Make the changes and hit control-x to quit, saving the changes made. I hope that helps :slight_smile:

OR from the start just type in: “sudo nano /var/www/ghost/config.production.json”.

I prefer navigating to the folder that I am working in.


Hi! Cheers! I’ll try today :smiley: