Configured "from" address is ignored when sending mail

Issue Summary
No matter which transport method or email service I use, the configured “from” email address never gets used. I’ve tried direct transport, GMail SMTP, and mailersend SMTP.

Since creating this post, I’ve done a bit of sleuthing, and as best I can tell, requestedFromAddress is always defined, so configAddress never gets used in this line of code (even though it’s properly set).

Steps to Reproduce
Configure the “Direct” transport method. Configure a custom “from” email address as described in the docs. Subscribe a new user to the Ghost website in order to trigger the transactional email. Note that the “from” address is the default - not the configured one.

Setup information

Ghost Version
5.44.0 (Docker)

Node.js Version

How did you install Ghost?
Official Docker container

Provide details of your host & operating system
Currently just running latest Docker Desktop on Mac

Database type

Browser & OS version
Chrome on Mac (latest)

Relevant log / error output
Copy and paste any relevant log output. Use backticks to format this into code.

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