Mail "from" config option is not honored


I’m brand new to Ghost and am running the official Docker version (5.44.0). I’d like to change the “from” address in emails sent from Ghost as described on this page. The message gets sent just fine via the “Direct” transport method, but the “from” address remains the default.

The option is definitely being set according to the config logs…

…but the “from” address remains the default value in received emails.

Am I missing something, or should I report this as a bug?

Just a quick follow up…

I went ahead and reported this issue, but I implemented a quick fix that suits my needs. I simply swapped the two variables on either side of the logical operator on this line of code (because I always want the configured “from” address to be used if it’s defined).

As an aside, I also learned there are two default “from” addresses used in transactional emails. ghost@[blog.url] is used for admin emails, and noreply@[blog.url] is for users / members.