Configuring Mailgun

When the subscription feature was still under Labs in the Ghost admin UI (v4 I believe), it allowed me to configure Mailgun there. But now I don’t see any place to set up Mailgun in the admin UI (in v5).

Is it only possible to configure Mailgun with the config.production.json file? I don’t have access to that (or any raw files), just the admin UI, as I’m using a Ghost SaaS (

Mailgun setup for mailing lists is found in Settings > Email newsletter > Mailgun configuration.

config.production.json is used for setting up transactional email only.

Thanks! But I don’t see “Mailgun configuration” in the UI. What could be the reason for that? Ghost v5.42.2.

It would seem that this is configured by your host, so you don’t need to set up Mailgun.

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So it seems. Should have checked there first. Thanks!

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