Mailgun user ? users can subscribe ? will you please share your config.production.json?

I’m running a ghost 5.44 through yunohost on a DO droplet. My users simply cannot subscribe. The error message they are seeing says something about a failure to send a magic link.

Are you using mailgun ? would you please be kind enough to share your config.production.json (minus passwords) ? I’m a total newbie in the .json area. I can only edit mine through semi blind copy/pasting.

Thanks in advance, Baudouin

Perhaps you could share your your settings. It would seem that transactional email isn’t working, so please confirm what you have done, e.g., setup DNS and correctly configured Mailgun.

funny thing is : when I post mailgun sends an email to subscribers

I will search for a way to share the content of my config.production.json and publish it here shortly (I hope).

Yes. Transactional email and bulk email are configured separately.

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Does this help?