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Hoping someone can help with this.

When someone signs up to my Ghost publication, they get an email saying:

Confirm your subscription to [SITE TITLE]

On my set-up, people are signing up to my newsletter, which has a different name to my site title. So it all seems a little confusing for people when they sign up.

What would be the best way of changing this? Is it possible to change it without self hosting? And would I be better off changing my site title to the newsletter name, then manually adjusting the site title in the template files (if this is possible?)?

Thanks ~ GKT

The welcome email is not configurable without self hosting. But you can control what your site displays by editing the theme files, so I think you’ve hit on a good workaround.

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Thanks Cathy. Got it working by changing the site tittle in settings, then adding this to the default.hbs code:

        {{#is "home"}}
            Actual site title

Sharing in case it helps anyone else.


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