Confirmation email landing in spam


When users enter their email, they receive a confirmation email (in which they have to click the link to confirm their subscription). My issue is this email seems to often land in spam folder, and I have no way to know how many users are concerned (but I had many feedbacks and when i tried myself i had the same issue).

I tested a delivery tool and it says my email is not DMARC compliant (No DMARC Record Found). Is it because that confirmation email is sent by ghost but “pretends” to be sent by my email ?

Session transcript by the deliverability tool (i had to tweak the transcript cause the forum was not letting me post it because of the number of URL in it… I have put a space in all URL below to kill them but you can still read the transcript)

      • dmarc:_dmarc.upmynt. com

1 m.gtld-servers. net NON-AUTH 25 ms Received 2 Referrals , rcode=NO_ERROR upmynt. com. 172800 IN NS,upmynt. com. 172800 IN NS net,
2 net AUTH 77 ms Received 1 Referrals , rcode=NAME_ERROR upmynt. com. 60 IN SOA net net serial=2023012901,
WebServer 249ms

Setup information

Ghost Version
Latest one, I started few days ago

Node.js Version
I’m hosted by ghost, but I use my domain, that is provided by OVH.

How did you install Ghost?
Just subscribed on the website

It sounds like you are using Ghost Pro and can email for official support.

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