Ghost theme "wave" help ( PAYING)

Just recently started using ghost api for blogging, and well blogging in general. Anyway, I absolutely LOVE ghost, the only issues im facing so far is the contact form(looks weird and gross) and trying to turn the theme into dark mode!
I wouldn’t mind paying someone to integrate this custom contact form into the base theme itself, as well make my site dark mode.

Here is the contact form I wish to integrate into the basic “Wave” theme, Contact Form V04 - Free Gradient Contact Form Template 2022 - Colorlib

If anyone can so kindly help or I will pay of course!

Hi kilo! How are you doing?
So do you want to change the style of your contact form to be similar to the template you linked and make the dark mode for your website?
Do you want your users to have the posibility to change between light and dark mode? or just make it dark?

I would happy to help you out