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I used ghost cms and nextjs to build my own blog, it’s very good and perfect. In the /contact page at source nextjs. I have a contact us form that includes name, email, subject, message. How can I build a /contact-us api from ghost cms and use it on nextjs client side. I thank everyone very much.

Ghost doesn’t provide an API (nor storage of data) for a contact form. However, you can integrate pretty much any forms provider into your application - they all provide embed codes. There are some listed on Ghost’s integrations page, but really, there’s nothing Ghost-specific there for forms, so pick whomever you like!

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thank @Cathy_Sarisky :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If you’re looking to get adventurous, I do have a tutorial on how to roll your own – and all the problems with doing so.

(Sorry for the double response. I forgot I’d written it up.)

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