Content Policies Free vs Paid

I’m new, obviously, and I couldn’t find a place that explained what sort of content was allowed on our blogs here. I may be completely technologically blind and just can’t find the page, if so, please link it! I have come to find a place to post NSFW artwork and Ghost was one of the top suggestions I found. However, I know some sites require a paid subscription to hide the NSFW content behind. I’d rather let my members see my work for free (I currently have a DeviantArt account that links to my GoogleDrive for uncensored work, but DA has been acting up on me), but of course I understand if the paid membership is required for age verification.

Thanks for any information on this topic!

There’s no difference in content policy for free vs paid. Restricted content types are covered here, if what you’re doing isn’t on that list then you should be fine.