Undoing Changes/Reverting Back To Previous Code

Hey guys,

A few times, I’ve accidentally made changes, or deleted parts of pages/posts and updated/saved before I realized the issue. Is there a way to undo, or revert back to previous versions/code? I’ve had to rewrite whole sections a couple times, and was hoping there was a safeguard or better way.

Also, is there a way to backup the whole site, or specific pages? Either manually or automatically?

Thanks in advance!

If you are referring to changing theme parts, you should remote deploy via Github instead of locally downloading and uploading the theme to Ghost dashboard. You can restore all history at any time when you change themes via Github. The following is for your reference: How to customise the Ghost theme with Github

Thanks for your response. I’m actually referring to content/code I’ve added to a Page. I was building out a Band Directory, and I hit enter after a certain section and the formatting was all messed up. I hit update I believe before I noticed, and ended up having to re-write a whole section of the page again.

I think this can help How to restore an old revision of a Ghost blog post using SQL

Ghost stored 10 revisions on database but not show on ghost editor for user restore it. You must restore via myql ssh.

To avoid this issue repeat on the future, always use Notion or Docs to write then copy paste to ghost editor for safe.

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